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Paintings by Himalayan Children

8th March – 27th May 2017: We are happy to invite you to experience the unique collection of paintings created by children from the Himalaya region. Every year since 1992, Czech artist Roman Kames has spent time out in the mountains of Ladakh (the western Himalayas) painting, exhibiting and organizing painting workshops for children.

The exhibition in Czech Centres Gallery shows more than one hundred original paintings and also photos documenting their origin. Visitors have the possibility to buy reproductions as a set of 32 postcards (painted by pupils from Lamdon school), or as a calendar (painted by children from Chauntra school).

This exhibition is organized in cooperation with Deutsche Tibethilfe (Hamburg).

‘With their passes at an altitude of 5,000 meters, and the play of shadows on the rock faces, the mountains themselves are like paintings when the sun strikes them with its ultraviolet rays, bringing out surprising chromatic harmonies of emerald greens, intense bright oranges, golden yellows and deep indigos. It is raining on the canvases of the Monsoon. The opaque surface of the paintings seems impassable, until the eye spots a breach. A bit of Ladakh earth mixed with tempera – Quicksands are traps for the adventurer and his footloose spirit. A blazing sun, the impression of a full or crescent moon in the clouds, the colors grow cold or hot in the extreme. Glaciers, Altitude Lakes, Depths – the titles tell us all.’

Roman Kames, born in Prague in 1952, came to Paris in 1973 and studied at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts (ENSBA). He divides his time between Paris and Ladakh.