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On Sunday, November 27 from 6.30 pm will be the final evening of this year's festival Poetry Day - This time on the theme "No Man is an Island".



The final evening of this year's edition of the festival: 
We live here with you - and we write Czech

If Milan Kundera, Petr Král and Patrik Ouředník write in French, Serbian Jelena Ćirićová, Slovene Alena Jensterle-Doležalová, Chilean Jorge Zuňiga Pavlov and Romanian Mircea Dan Duta write Czech and they would like to explain us why.

The guest of honour of the evening: Vít Janota, his poetry and his saxophone.

The theme of this year's festival Poetry Day No Man is an Island (Žádný člověk není ostrov), it was inspired by the verses of the English Renaissance poet John Donne, who wrote in 1624: "No man is an island entire of itself; every man is a piece of the continent..."

About Poetry Day

Poetry Day Festival is every year held in cities throughout the Czech Republic and for several years the number of events is the largest poetry festival in our country. Nevertheless, 17 years ago it was just one day, the day of the birth of Karel Hynek Mácha, which is every year marks the 16th of November. On the Day of poetry many people from libraries, literary associations, clubs, theaters, museums and individuals prepare for you literary evenings, exhibitions, theater performances and other interesting events. At most events of the festival is free.

More about the festival Poetry Day can be found here.