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The European Commission chose the 2011 to be the European Year of Volunteering. Czech Centre Prague joins this initiative with the ARK OF AID. FREE ENTRY to all events!

The Ark would like to welcome adults as well as children under its roof - those who have had to struggle with their disability as well as those following a seemingly easier path… The key aim of the ARK OF AID is to show why and how can the two groups support and enrich each other.

The two-month program devoted to the social relations and voluntary work will be opened by an exhibition of sculptures by Ludmila Seefried–Matějková and photographs by Zuzana Richter called Bewteen Two Worlds.

ARK OF AID (Archa pomoci) is organized under the auspices of Oldřich Lomecký, the Mayer of Prague 1, Goethe Institut Prag and European Commission.

Media partners: Sanquis a Generace.

Project partners: Bohnická divadelní společnostDivadlo ArchaGoethe Institut PragJežek a čížekInventura,Máme otevřenoMěstská část Praha 1The Tap TapZastoupení Evropské komise v České republice and Život 90.


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