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Czech Centre Prague presents two exhibits approaching the phenomenon of Europe from two different angles. December 7, 2012 - February 1, 2013.

"Europe" is a topic that constantly attracts attention of artists and scholars. Czech Centre Prague now presents two interesting exhibitions inspired by this phenomenon. The first of these is EUROPA, an exhibition in the gallery of Czech Centre Prague. EUROPA reflects its title phenomenon throught the eyes of four young Cypriot artists - Raissa Angeli, Andreas Luciades and Ioanna and Simone Philippou. The exhibit is held to mark closing of Cyprus' presidency to the European Union. The same day, there is also opening of the exhibit CZECH FOOTPRINTS IN BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA: THE ARCHITECT KAREL PARIK  in unique new bottom spaces of the Czech Centre. By one story, it illustrates the influence of Czechs in Bosnia and Herzegovina at the beginning of 20th century.

Raissa Angeli, the curator of EUROPA, graduated at Prague Academy of Fine Arts. She explains her concept: "Europe is derived from the Greek word “eurus”, meaning wide, broad and “ops”, meaning “eye, face, countenance”, hence Europe, “wide-gazing”, “broad of aspect. This meaning may be linked to United Europe’s main objectives and principles, that is offering people the opportunity to see the world in its broad aspect and approach, to contemplate the various issues of life with open mindedness. The artist does not want the role of a judge and does not take sides concerning the past and future. The etymology of the word Europe acts as a mathematical equation that ends in a broad view of the world. At the same time this equation determines our own point of view of the world. So how free are we to determine our personal worldview and to what extent is our “freedom” of choice predetermined by an equation set up by others?"

Raissa has approached the topic through installation. Other presented artists have chosen other art forms: Andreas Luciades photography, sisters Ioanna and Simone Philippou drawings and graphic design. Due to broad international experience of all artists and diversity of their expression, the exhibit brings original and multilayered capturing of the topic. 

The exhibit CZECH FOOTPRINTS IN BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA: THE ARCHITECT KAREL PARIK documents the influence of Czechs on europeization of Sarajevo at the beginning of 20th century. Karel Parik was among the personalities that have left significant traces on the face of the city. He designed over 110 realized buildings all over Bosnia and Herzegovina and co-designed additional 40. "The Bosnians remember him this year especially because it is 120th anniversary of migration of Czechs to BaH and 20th anniversary from the beginning of Bosnian migration to Prague," says Zvezdana Marković, initiator of the exhibition. "Both nations are interconnected more than we think." 

The exhibition EUROPA that is held under the auspices of H.E. Mr. Phaedon Anastasiou, Ambassador of the Republic of Cyprus, marks the closing of Cyprus Presidency of the EU Council. The exhibition CZECH FOOTPRINTS IN BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA has been provided auspices by H.E. Mr. Nediljko Bilić, Ambassador of Bosnia and Herzegovina.  

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