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An exhibition of illustrations from an autobiographical book series about the childhood and adolescence of a Roma girl Katici by Swedish author Katarina Taikon. October 15 - 30, 2014.

The exhibition is organized by the Swedish Embassy, in cooperation with Tensta konsthall Stockholm, The Czech Centre in Prague, the IQ Roma service Brno and the Museum of Romany Culture.

The Swedish initiator of the original exhibition about Katici is the Tensta konsthall art gallery in Stockholm. The unique collection was put together under the leadership of the collection keepers Maria Lind and Angelika Ström, and introduces the phenomenon of the child literary character of Katici, created by the Swedish Romany female writer Katarina Taikon. Her autobiographic series about the childhood and adolescence of a Romany girl was published between the years 1969 and 1981. These books about the brave and invincible Katici won the hearts of readers not only in Sweden but also outside the country's borders. 

The exhibition about Katici includes editions of the book from different countries around the world, original illustrations by Björn Hedlund, posters for stage plays at different theatres inspired by the books about Katici, as well as a TV series showing the story of Katici dating from 1979.

The literary story of Katici is set in pre-war Sweden and begins in a children's home, from where the girl later returns to her family. The Prague exhibition will be extended with photographs by the Slovak-Israeli artist and collection keeper Tamara Moyzes from her cycle "Family Wellbeing“, reflecting the situation when a children's home intervenes in the relationship between a child and its family. 

The exhibition at the Czech Centre in Prague includes a contribution loaned by the Museum of Romany Culture in Brno, featuring a collection of drawings by Romany children from the 1st Basic School in Jarovnice, Slovakia. Their drawings also accompanied the Czech edition of the first volume of the Katici series of 1999. The other volumes of the series have not been published in Czech yet. 
In cooperation with the Museum of Romany Culture, the exhibition will also introduce literary works by Czech Romany writers for children. The gallery will prepare an interactive readers' corner where children and adults will have the chance to get acquainted with selected books.  

In early September, in connection with the exhibition, the Swedish Embassy opened a literary competition for elementary school pupils in the age category 11 - 15 years with the theme "Feeling Different". The prize-giving ceremony, where the best authors will be awarded, will take place at the ceremonial exhibition opening at the Czech Centre at 6 pm on 14 October.
The exhibition opening at the Czech Centre will be accompanied by music by the Romany band Le Tchavendar.
The exhibition about Katici will then move to the central offices of the IQ Roma service in Brno, where visitors and clients of the centre can see it till 12 December. 

For information on the exhibition, visit the embassy web site at www.swedenabroad.se/praha.
An extract from the Czech translation is available on YouTube.
For more information, please contact:Helena Stiessová, helena.stiessova@gov.se, phone +420 220 313 200

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