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9 Jun 2011 16:00


Launching of a new book Dračí polévka (Dragon Soup) by Alena Ježková about a little Vietnamese boy living in Prague. IN CZECH ONLY.

Long has two lives. While at home he speaks Vietnamese and eats with chopsticks, at school he speaks Czech, eats with silverware, and is called Láďa. He lives with his mom and granddad in a Prague apartment block. But there is one more member of the household— the invisible Master Kung, an ancient Chinese philosopher. Long knows of his father only from the dragon legend that his mom has been telling him since he was little. The life of the family is defined by the daily rituals that granddad makes sure they carefully follow. But on the day of Long’s twelfth birthday, a whirlwind of events sweeps in. A stranger from Hanoi arrives claiming to be Long’s dad. Things get complicated and Long runs away from home. But so many questions remain. Can Long’s Ukrainian friend, Světlana, help him? Does anything change when black hair turns yellow? Is grandpa cheat? And how do you cook dragon soup…?

Alena Ježková studied Czech and Art Theory at Charles University. She worked as a freelance journalist; later on, she became an editor and vice editor-in-chief of popular Reflex magazine. Since 2004, she has worked as an independent consultant in public relations, for example, participating on international presentation of Czech Republic. Lately, she has spent most of her time writing books aimed at popularizing history for both children and adults.

Alena Ježková received numerous Czech awards, such as Gold Ribbon for the book Prague Mother of Cities (a nontraditional historical Prague guidebook), Teachers' and Librarians’ awards for the book The Oldest Czech and Moravian Legends (a modern adaptation of the oldest Czech myths and legends), Teachers' award for the book Tales of Czech Princes and Kings (stories of prominent noblemen in Czech history) or Librarians' award for the book Greek Myths.

International awards:

2007 – White Raven Award for The Oldest Czech and Moravian Legends
2010 – IBBY Honor List for Stories of Czech Kings and Princes

Rytířská 31
110 00 Prague 1


9 Jun 2011 16:00


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