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14 Mar 2013 - 19 Apr 2013


Czech Centre Prague organizes exhibit celebrating 50th anniversary of independence Algeria and Czech-Algeria diplomatic relations.

In contemporary Algerian culture, without delimiting ourselves to the domain of visual arts, tradition plays a crucial role. Present-day architects still design ksuras, ancient clay palaces, but make them perfectly suitable  for modern living with all its expectancies. Traditional crafts is not being thrown back into museums: contests in embroidery or in working with leather are prestigious nation-wide events and quality craft products have their place in every well-situated household. Neither visual arts draw a line between presence and past - traditional figurative miniatures were a central motive of national reneissance of painting in the 1st half of 20th century. 

The exhibit ALGERIAN ART BETWEEN TRADITION AND MODERNITY shows this dimension of Algerian art. Visitors will see products by the best contemporary craftsmen, paintings by several dozens of modern artists and photos of present-day face of originally desert architecture. Since the gaining of independence in 1962, Algeria has come a long way on the field of art as well as on the field of relations with European states. This exhibit is celebrating both. 


Rytířská 31
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From: 14 Mar 2013
To: 19 Apr 2013


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