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3 Mar 2017 - 31 Mar 2017

Czech Cultural Landscape in the Gallery of the Czech Centres

The project showcased in the Gallery of the Czech Centres in Prague focuses on the Czech landscape, its beauty, environmental protection, sustainability. It presents the exhibition of a young Czech photographer Jan Šmíd and it also shows photos of the Czech nature conservation areas.

Visitors can look forward to the picture made of moss and unconventional model of the Czech Republic. The exhibition also provides an opportunity to meet new Czech labels that use traditional materials such as wood or paper in their production - BeWooden, Lípa, Petit Expedition, Ruční papírna Velké Losiny (Handpaper mill), Woowa.

Jan Šmíd about his work:

„In the Spring of 2012 I got bewitched by panoramic landscape photography and today I am dedicated to photographing landscapes. The large majority of my current photographs is made of several basic pictures (sometimes even dozens) and apart from classical daylight photography, I focus on night landscape photography and the photography of stars. Photography completely consumes my time. I’ve started  running workshops on landscape photography and I also own a photographic school (IFŠ) and I organise photo expeditions (Norway, Italy, Portugal…). I was also encouraged by winning several international photo competitions (Tokio, London etc.)”.








© Jan Šmíd


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From: 3 Mar 2017
To: 31 Mar 2017


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