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30 Sep 2014 17:30


Eleventh meeting dedicated to fashion with Ola Křížová and her guests. This time you can enjoy the Slovak marketing expert Peter Šagát. In Czech only.

Peter Šagát is a consultant, lecturer, educator, coach and producer in the field of marketing communications. In addition to his primary professional focus in fashion marketing, Mr. Šagát also specializes in visual communication such as fashion and graphic design (typography), interior design, visual styling and culture studies, and personal assistance. Peter also works in  social marketing, especially sustainable lifestyles and development (corporate social responsibility, crisis marketing, marketing communication in the field of human rights, and marketing of fmcg goods). 
His primary marketing and communication activities in the fashion industry are more closely focused on "agenda setting" of current social phenomena and fashion activities in the context ofsustainable development. 
In his own approach, he combines unconventional forms with meaningful content.

Learn more about Peter Šagát here.


Rytířská 31
110 00 Prague 1
Czech republic


30 Sep 2014 17:30


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