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27 Oct 2009 - 14 Nov 2009


Unique exhibition of contemporary Czech artist Karel Balcar brings new perspective on art and its level of detail.

Depictive painting implies laboriousness and a lot of time; I have found that 4 hours of quality time are better than 10 hours spent in mere employment. I usually sit in the studio and wait until my thoughts clear, until my the last scene of the theatre of the world ends, and it’s only when I start thinking that there might not be any point in even beginning work (worried whether I’ll have time to finish the section in question) but at the same time feel the wave I’ve been waiting for coming, that I try to work intensively, sometimes a bit feverishly even, time speeds up, I have the feeling that the church bell across the street is constantly ringing, the eye perceives the changes in the light, it registers the short brightening before the sunset. I know the end is coming soon, I finish it off quickly, I finish off the connecting boundaries, take a last look at the canvas, I say ‘that’s it,’ and I don’t look at the unfinished work until the next day. I just wash the palette and brushes and I get out of the studio. I return in the evening, but that’s only work on the computer or to pass the time. Some sections take a lot more time that that example allows for, but the principle remains to work intensively and with concentration. And it can easily take all morning before that concentration sets in (or doesn’t…).

Karel Balcar, October 2009 (excerpt from the catalog)



Rytířská 31
110 00 Prague 1


From: 27 Oct 2009
To: 14 Nov 2009


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