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22 Jan 2015 - 7 Mar 2015


New collection of black and white portraits by Czech photographer Michael Kratochvíl.

Black and white portraits still have its strength and value, even in the today’s world full of color and confusion. Not only are the photographs of Kratochvíl trying to bear witness about portrayed people, their faces and life, but also they focus on their attitudes, thoughts and moods as well as the fleeting moments. The exhibition is about the play of natural and artificial lights and shadows, atmosphere of the moment, brief meetings and glances. All of that can tell much more about the photographed person and the present time. Therefore, what’s important in the first place is the author’s view on the portrayed people and not themselves. The view of Michael Kratochvíl is extremely inspiring that is why the Czech center Prague decided to present his portraits for the second time.

Michael Kratochvíl (*1967) spent many years abroad being an assistant in Ivan Němec´s atelier and travelling with his famous father Antonín Kratochvíl. After returning back to Czech Republic, he focuses mainly on portraits and promotional photography.




Rytířská 31
110 00 Prague 1


From: 22 Jan 2015
To: 7 Mar 2015


Czech Center is a coorganizer of the event

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