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20 Jun 2011 18:30 - 20:00


Meet the curator and artists involved in the CROSSOVERS exhibition. Come to raise a glass to the success of the exhibition and learn more about this unique project.

The CROSSOVERS exhibition shows the impact of exposure to different artistic disciplines on the work of selected contemporary Czech artists. It brings the work of stage designers into a gallery space and the non-theatrical art work into the stage setting. Drawing inspiration from interdisciplinary interactions on the theoretical level is common.

The goal of the CROSSOVERS exhibition is to present work of artists who decided to work within a field that is new to them. The presented work will include following disciplines: architecture, photography, fashion, music, sculpture, multimedia, comics and theater.

Participating artist: Erika Bornová, Šimon Caban, Daniel Fikejz, Iška Fišárková, Petr Jedinák, Martin Kermes, Petr Kolínský, Jan P. Muchow, Albert Pražák, Liběna Rochová, Simona Rybáková, Roman Sejkot, Vladimír Soukenka.

Exhibition partners: Cafe Imperial, DITHERM, Divinis, Frigosped, Fuji, Jean la Taupe, Macroworld, Maxreal, Mibcon, Nikon, Philips, Porsche Hradec Králové, Saty

Media partners: Stavební fórum, Tiscali

Photo: Šimon Caban, from the Crossovers catalogue


Rytířská 31
110 00 Prague 1


20 Jun 2011 18:30 - 20:00


Czech Center is a coorganizer of the event

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