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28 May 2014 17:30


This evening is dedicated to one of the most important Roma writers, Emil Cina, who died last October at the age of 66.

Come join his friends and colleagues to celebrate the life of a unique man who devoted all his life to fighting for the preservation and development of the Romani language, along with other visitors who will read from his varied work.

"Today the Romani language is losing to the rapid succession of life. Young people already think differently. Maybe there’ss still something left in them, but it’s not enough. There is a code in the Romani language of how one behaves towards others. When a man loses this code, then he loses his speech, he loses everything. I am a gardener, but at the end of the year, when I don’t go to my garden, I spend these evenings in the winter trying to write." (Rozummění, KHER, 2013) 

Emil Cina (1947 – 2013, Prague) was a trained miller. After completing his military service, where he served as a tank driver, he worked in the family business for 20 years distributing coal. From 1992 he worked as an editor and moderator of the minority show “Club of Understanding” on Regina Radio after working there as a building administrator for several years. In 1990, his first poems were published in the journal Amaro lav / Our Word, and he then became the editor of Gendalos / Mirror. Until his death, his prose was regularly contributed to the periodicals Romano hangos / Gypsy Voice and Romano voďi / Roma Soul. In addition to poetry, he devoted his work to writing humorous tales from life and mythological tales set in Romani history. Some of them have been published in anthologies such as Devla, Devla! (2002), Legendy, balady a romance národů [Legends, ballads and romances of nations] (2008), a Romani edition of the world literature journal PLAV (2011) or in the collection of fairy tales Otcův duch [Spirit of the Father] (2012). In addition to his own work, Emil Cina also contributed to translating subtitles for Romani-language films (e.g., Black Cat, White Cat, 1998; ROMing, 2008). In 1997 he won two awards for his prose and poetry for children at the Amico Rom International Competition of Roma Artistic Creativity in Lanciano, Italy.

Emil Cina was a great fan and promoter of the Romani language and loved working with children most of all. He saw a huge potential for the preservation and further development of the Romani language.

This evening is being produced in cooperation with the KHER publishing house of Roma literature.

In Czech language only.



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28 May 2014 17:30


Czech Center is a coorganizer of the event

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