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26 May 2011 20:00


Come and meet the Ruiné magazin, an independent/underground publication of German editors and publishers neven allgeier & benedikt fischer. IN ENGLISH.

Concept of ruiné is to express a new zeitgeist, assuming man being on the way to the inevitable point zero. In the ruiné universe, evidence can be found everywhere from the smallest neglibilities to the grand existential things. It is very important for us to be a platform for different artists, established, aspiring or yet undiscovered, dealing with the vision of ruiné from their very own perspective, thereby steady expanding the ruiné cosmos.

The lecture is part of an international cultural event and OldSchool concept store We are closing in 21 days. You can visit the store in CZECHDESIGN.CZ in Vojtěšská 3, Prague 1 on May 9 – 30, 2011, 1.00 pm to 8.00 pm..

The idea to organize a temporary concept store that combines fashion, books, magazines and lectures came from the OldSchool design studio (Hana Vaňátková, Adam Uchytil and Pavel Brejcha). One of the goals of the project is to compare visual communication, graphic design and fashion design on an international level.

Center of the main events and sale will be concentrated in CZECHDESIGN.CZ gallery and it will last for 21 days. You can purchase items from Starstyling Berlin, a Berlin-street fashion brand, and a collection inspired by comic created by Lenka Sršňová from Slovakia. From the Czech scene, you can check out Katarze, brand specializing in intimate women's fashion; Dark & ​​Yes, punk-casual clothing, and luxury leather handbags and accessories from Ether. Oldschool studio will present their world class collection of unisex clothes and accessories.

The second part of the exhibition is devoted to independent publishers and magazines from around the world. Selection has been made by Adam Uchytil. "The only key to my choice is my taste. I concentrated on the general concept, form, typography of   each single books, magazines and fanzines when making the collection. “

See more information HERE.


Rytířská 31
110 00 Prague 1


26 May 2011 20:00


Czech Center is a coorganizer of the event

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